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FPX Linear 6015 High Output Gas Fireplace
shown w/ Flat Trim Face, Bronze Glass Floor

Superior heat performance, high quality construction, a stunning presentation of fire. Provides heat up to 2,800 sq.ft. Features a sleek 15” height and a long row of tall, dynamic flames over a bed of reflective crushed glass—illuminated by bottom-lit Accent Lights, GreenSmart Remote Control, choice of Fyre-Art and multiple fireback selections.

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4237 TV Deluxe Clean Face Gas Fireplace
shown w/ Beveled Tile Trim Face, Handmade Brick Fireback

The grandest of FPX’s premium fireplaces, this top vent (TV) is a show-stopper… combining the appeal of an open masonry fireplace w/ the performance and functionality of superior gas heating technology. Available as a Clean Face installation (shown) or hand-hammered IronWorks Double Doors. Includes Green Smart Remote Control, 260 CFM Convection Fan and Accent Lights.

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34 DVL Gas Insert shown w/ Black Shadowbox Face

FPX’s most popular gas insert, it heats up to 2,000 sq.ft. This model has a generous ceramic glass viewing area featuring Ember-Fyre Burner; high definition detailed log set; GreenSmart Remote Control; adjustable rear and top Accent Lights; and, a 180 CFM convection fan.

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42 Apex Wood Fireplace shown w/ Universal Face

Designed to deliver high-performance, clean-burning heat while showcasing a spectacular fire view. Includes the optional GreenStart Igniter that starts your fire w/ the push of a button! Ideal for new construction, remodels or a tear-out replacement of your existing fireplace. Can be installed virtually anywhere in your home.

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Flush Plus Hybrid-Fyre Rectangular Wood Fireplace Insert

The high-performance heat and superior design of this wood fireplace insert are truly out of the ordinary. Flush-to-the fireplace design enhances the beautiful lines of a traditional fireplace and provides heating efficiency. Heats up to 2,000 sq.ft. w/ less wood and longer burn times.

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Lopi Cypress Deluxe Gas Stove

A unique and timeless presentation of fire, w/ clean lines and sleek styling. Features an open, three-sided design w/ large wrap-around ceramic glass fire viewing area, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of the Ember-Fyre® log set from any angle in the room.

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Lopi Radiant Plus Large Insert shown w/ Universal Face

This model features heavy duty construction and is designed to deliver radiant heat PLUS streamlined natural convection airflow to homes or living spaces up to 1,650 sq.ft. The standard Dancing-Fyre burner and Classic Log Set mimic a real wood-burning fire, right down to the flame pattern and highly detailed logs and ember bed.

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Lopi Evergreen Sculptured Leg Model

This stove hits the mark on performance, function and design. Gentle curved lines artfully present heavy gauge steel, unibody construction and a cast iron door w/ large, self-cleaning ceramic glass viewing area. Comes standard w/ large capacity ash pan for quick & easy ash removal. Manage burn rate from mellow overnight to a large rolling fire.

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Cape Cod Hybrid-Fyre Wood Insert

The classic cast iron design and large fire viewing area of this single door insert are complementary to almost all interior styles. Features a three-sided convection chamber, seamless 6” flue and kiln-fired refractory firebrick. Advanced Hybrid-Fyre combustion system provides clean fires that burn up to 10 hours, with less wood and greater efficiency.

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Deerfield Pellet Stove

Premium, large capacity cast iron pellet stove. Combines beautifully proportioned European castings and optimum performance. Features easily removable ash pan; 60-pound hopper capacity; long burn times; heats up to 2,500 sq. ft; large viewing area; sleek black mirrored glass and super-efficient air wash system that keeps the glass clean. Burns all grades of wood pellet fuel, is EPA Certified.

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