We Are Open + Virtual Showroom Tours Still Available

Mountain Home Center



Virtual/Interactive Showroom Tours by appointment for fireplaces/stoves, hot tubs, outdoor furniture

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Call to Schedule: 530-587-6681
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Both Our Locations Are Open!
Mountain Home Center, in both locations, is anxious to welcome back our customers. We are re-opening based on the guidance and direction of Nevada County for Phase 2 retail.

11403 Brockway Road, Truckee • 530.587.6681
9 am – 5 pm Daily

Located in the historic Loading Dock building
10115 Donner Pass Road, Truckee • 530.550.8800
11 am – 5 pm Daily

What We Are Doing?
In order to reduce the level of risk of spreading COVID-19, Mountain Home Center has implemented a COVID-19 Prevention Plan, including risk mitigating practices within the shop, creating safe environments for workers and customers.

  • Our employees are required to wear a mask when inside our store(s).
  • Customers are asked to wear a mask when inside our store(s).
  • Please maintain the recommended 6’ distance between you, other customers and employees.
  • Limit of 5 shoppers per 1,000 sq ft of showroom space, per guideline for retail establishments for safe social distancing.
  • Shopping in groups or browsing currently not allowed.
  • No-contact services with curbside pickup available at both locations.
  • Hand sanitizer is available throughout store for customers and employee use, including store entrance(s), and checkouts.

The following locations will be disinfected upon opening and closing the retail store daily:

  • Light and other power switches.
  • Shared tools such as pricing guns, pallet jacks, tape guns, box cutters, etc.
  • Refrigerators, microwave, and other frequently touched objects and surfaces in employee breakroom.

The following locations will be disinfected every 2 hours during operational hours

  • Light and other power switches.
  • Point of sale/checkout: Cash register, including touch screens, keyboards, mouse.
  • Restrooms: Door handles and flush levers. Toilet bowl and toilet paper holder. Sinks and faucets. Paper towel holders and/or air dryers. Diaper-changing stations