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Mountain Home Center


From classic outdoor grills to fantasy island units jam-packed with amenities, outdoor kitchens are becoming much more fully functional. It all starts with a great grill, of course, and after that add all the essential toys you need to turn your outdoor cooking space into the place where all the action happens. Visit our showroom to learn everything you need to know as you customize your grill island with ample counter space, draws, doors, accessories, side burners, refrigerator, sink, bar area, pizza oven and more! You can even add a flat screen TV!

Outdoor Kitchens

Get the gadgets you can use from our selection of grilling accessories, outdoor cooking tools and classic grillware. These are a must to have on-hand when you’re busy in the kitchen... outdoors. Spatulas, tongs & forks, skewers, thermometers, baskets & toppers, griddles, pizza stones & cutters, grill presses, racks, chicken stands, rotisserie kits, woks, searing grates, grill pads & covers, charcoal starters, wood chips & chunks, basting brushes, mitts, aprons... did we miss something? Chances are we carry it, so pop by either of our stores to shop useful gadgets!

Grilling Tools & Equipment

BBQ pit masters are as well known for their sauces as they are for the slow-cooked meat on which they slather them. If you want to stir up your own signature dish, you don’t have to start from scratch. Try one of ours... BBQ Sauce with (real) Beer by Gourmet du Village; Chef Isaac’s Grill Slathers in Blue Berry, Chipotle or Peach; Dizzy Pig Seasonings; LImon Pepper Meat, Fish & Poultry rub by Robert Rothschild Farm; Havin’ An Affair BBQ Sauce made in Las Vegas; or, add an East Texan flavor with John Henry’s award winning sauces, spices and rubs.

Sauces. Rubs. Marinades.

Great books on grilling are loaded with recipes and instruction to help you be the best griller you can. And, we have a few that have earned their place in our backyard! Grill a salad or make “killer grill marks” with Raichlen’s, The Barbecue! Bible, over 500 recipes, a Grilling Basics FAQs and must-have “Ten Commandments of Perfect Grilling” (“Turn, don’t stab”; “Never desert your post”); get recipes from Food Network celeb’s Bobby Flay & Guy Fieri; or, enjoy some home grown humor and 260 superb recipes from Cooking with the Donner Party (history notes included!)


Make your personal al fresco statement with our selection of stylish and functional outdoor dinnerware made from shatter-resistant melamine and acrylic, safe for barefoot summer parties! Shop our selection of round, square or oval dinner and side plates, vegetable/pasta bowls, cereal bowls, serving bowls, platters, trays and more. These are so attractive and functional you’ll want to start using them indoors!


Tink! Chin-Chin! Sahlut! No matter which way you say “cheers,” nothing shatters! We carry a wide selection of outdoor drinkware, including acrylic wine glasses in new styles, stemless wine glasses in classic styles, tumblers and margarita glasses; and, a wonderful selection of “glass” salad bowls!

Acrylic Glassware

Set the finishing touch to your patio table with practical and stylish linens. Tablecloths, table runners and placemats in your choice of color with natural patterns and fabrics you’ll love. We also carry decorative napkins that add a seasonal flavor to your setting.

Table Linens